Enjoy Live Rosin THCA Preroll – Strawnana – 2g


  • Each tube contains 2 prerolls that are 1 gram each!
  • Our prerolls are Pure THCA Flower with terpenes infused for flavor and effect!
  • We have three strains available currently!
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Introducing our Indoor Top Shelf THCA Flower now in 2 gram THCA Prerolls!
Strawberry Cough for Supercharged (Sativa)
  • Introducing Strawberry Cough in a perfect 2-gram preroll package! Strawberry Cough is a legendary THC strain that’s an absolute delight for cannabis enthusiasts! It’s renowned for its mouthwatering strawberry flavor and the euphoric, uplifting high it delivers. This sativa-dominant beauty boasts vibrant red hairs and a sweet, fruity aroma that’s as tantalizing as it sounds. It is perfect for boosting creativity, sparking conversations, and leaving you with a giggly, happy buzz. If you’re searching for a delicious, energizing, and social strain, Strawberry Cough is an absolute must-try!
Blueberry AK for Cloud Nine (Hybrid)
  • Introducing Blueberry AK in a perfect 2-gram preroll package! Blueberry AK is an exhilarating THC strain that combines the best of both worlds! It blends the sweet, fruity essence of blueberries with the powerful, relaxing effects of AK-47. This hybrid strain delivers a blissful, mellow high that melts away stress and tension while tantalizing your taste buds with its delectable flavor.
  • It is your ticket to cloud nine! If you’re seeking a delightful balance of relaxation and euphoria, Blueberry AK is your go-to choice for a flavorful and soothing ride!
Strawnana for Couchlock (Indica)
  • Introducing Strawnana in a perfect 2-gram preroll package! You’re in for a mouthwatering, THC-packed adventure with this strain. Strawnana is a delightful fusion of Strawberry and Banana flavors, creating a tropical, sweet sensation that’ll make your taste buds dance. Each preroll contains two one-gram joints, so you can share the love or enjoy double the fun all by yourself.
  • With its balanced and uplifting high, Strawnana is your ticket to a couchlock Don’t miss out on this delicious and convenient way to savor Strawnana’s goodness!
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Strawnana / Couch Lock